Ikan Kelah

Ikan Kelah, the Freshwater King

The price of an Ikan Kelah can be as high as RM200 to RM300 per kilogram and it can reach up to RM1,000 per kilogram. This freshwater king is very cunning and agile that it is very difficult to be captured. In addition, its fine-textured meat, delicate taste, together with its edible scales make it a very valuable and favorable fish to be caught among those who enjoy fishing at the freshwater.

In Malaysia, the species of Ikan Kelah are usually found in Pahang, Terengganu, and Kelantan which is a species of Tor tambroides. The common area where Ikan Kelah will take shelter lived in and hovering around the rocky and woody area of a river.  Some species prefer to inhabit larger and deeper areas.

Release eggs

When the mating season for Ikan Kelah comes, they will swim against the stream and migrate to the upstream for mating. Here, there is an area with several small rivers that will serve as a place for the fish to release their eggs.

The physical advantage of this Ikan Kelah is in its thin body shape that gives them the ability to swim against the currents and rapids of a river. The size of a mature female Ikan Kelah is larger than the male. Among their foods are algae, small fish, frogs, insects, fruits and flowers that fall from the trees and that of growing along the river.

National Park

In the National Park, the Ikan Kelah is a protected species in the Kelah Sanctuary which means that visitors are not allowed to fish them. Here, the visitors can hand-feed and have a great time with the Ikan Kelah. The food that is allowed to be fed to the Ikan Kelah is just a special palette that can be purchased at the store there. This is because the food is specially designed to preserve the quality of the fish here.

In May 2018, the Pahang National Park declared that fishing activities are allowed along with the terms and conditions which can be done at the Tahan River only.

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